Disinfection of spaces and vehicles

Nebulization and ozone generation

How does it work?

Disinfecting a space or vehicle is a relatively quick process with a 99.9% degree of effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

This process takes place in two ways:

  • Through nebulization of a suitable and certified disinfectant product;
  • By ozone generation, using O3-producing equipment for this purpose.

According to the physical characteristics of the spaces to be disinfected, namely the type of use for which it is intended or its size, one of the two methods mentioned will be applied.

It is important, to obtain the best possible result, that the spaces, or vehicles to be disinfected, are previously cleaned and without the presence of people, animals, or plants.

Within minutes, after the disinfection process, spaces or vehicles are available to be reused, without any obstacle.

In the case of vehicle disinfection, it can be carried out at the client’s home, just to provide electrical energy for the operation of the ozone generator.

  • 99.9% Effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi

  • Environment friendly

  • Certified product

  • Small and large surfaces

  • Hospitals, health centers, and public spaces

  • Workplaces, homes, and vehicles

  • Hospitals and Health Centers

  • Public facilities

  • Houses

  • Offices and workplaces

  • Vehicles of any kind

Volume of Areas Minutes for ozone generation Minutes for ozone elimination Total time
40 - 80 m3 10 30 40 min
80 - 150 m3 20 30 50 min
150 - 250 m3 30 40 1h10 min
250 - 500 m3 60 50 1h50 min
500 - 750 m3 90 60 2h30 min
Vehicles 10 15 25 min

Ozone as a disinfectant

The germicidal activity of ozone is based on its ability to direct oxidation. Thanks to this characteristic, all macromolecular structures of microbial cells or not, change profoundly, decompose, and disappear without leaving residues. (O2 / O3 / O2).

Another of the properties of ozone is the elimination of all types of odors, be they chemical or organic.

How ozone production occurs

  • Oxygen molecules (O2)

  • Ozone formation (O3)

    Ozone destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses, and odors

  • Disconnection of oxygen and ozone atoms

  • Ozone converts to oxygen

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